Blueye International

Blueye International Architecture Institute (blueyegroup), (Company name: Gwen Architecture Design Consulting Shanghai Co., Ltd), built up in 2007 by Gwen the French Designer/Architect in Shanghai. There are two design brands in the group: The “Blueye International” for architecture and “Gwen Design” for interior design.

As a WOFE(Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise) company, our Blueye International institute major in the concept design part for architecture (from the concept creation to draft construction drawings)

The European architects in our design team are from France, Germany, Austria and Spain. Now following the massive development of “One Belt One Road along the New Silk Road” strategy, our institute has extended the target market from Shanghai to Astana (Kazakhstan). As the first International Design Institute in Xinjiang, aiming at the high-end real estate market. We are determined to provide the design service with international standard, which also matches the needs of the local market.



Gwen Design is an award winning Interior Design Institute implemented in China since 2007 and leading brands of Blueye group, based in Shanghai, we provide complete interior design services to our partners and clients with a team of multinational designers. We combine international perspective, French style management, unique expertise and localized process.

We are specialized in the development of an exclusive service in terms of the needs of our partners: “The Global Design Management”. This global system combines our expertises in Architecture, Interior Design and soft Decoration with a complete project management from the creation to the realization.


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