Shanghai, China

The planning of this project is based on finding the most efficient mix of and relationship between three components, namely commercial space, leasable hospitality area and high-end office space. The maximization of allowed GFA, optimized cores and floor layouts for efficient fit out are key aspects. Permeability of retail space to achieve maximum shop frontage and pedestrian traffic flow as well as general accessibility and parking strategy are also integral parts of the planning strategy.

The design intent of this project is to merge these three functions into a single coherent architectural style where each component is clearly recognizable but also part of the overall structure. The modern yet organic look of this project will give it an iconic appearance and make it a prime destination within Ulumuqi.

The three to four floor podium contains all retail facilities and consists of large and fluidly shaped glass facades that are penetrated by pedestrian shopping streets on the ground level to allow and enable maximum shop frontage and user experience. The roof of this podium is partly outdoor garden partly F&B zone and houses a club and gym. On top of this two story garden sit two towers, separated by a floor of visible structure.

The 17 floor office tower has two efficient cores and optimal room depth for ideal lighting condition. The modern double layer curtain-wall-façade and chilled beam cooling system transform this tower into a 5A type office building. Vertical fins that run the entire height of the building emphasize its vertical orientation and merge into horizontal lovers of the podium to connect these two components.

The 23 floor service apartment tower has a smaller footprint and a central core as well as an exposed side core that houses three panorama elevators facing the waterfront and park. A vertical garden directly next to the side core extends the podium garden to the full height of the tower and enhances the micro climate and air quality of the public area of the building. The cooling effect of the plants is supported by a system of horizontal lamellas that act as passive shading device against heat gain along its East, South and West facades. These lamellas are again picked up in the architectural expression of the podium and add a distinguished look to the project.

The traffic system of the project is straight forward and the development features an exterior road along the red line. This two-lane road offers drop-off points and taxi queues for the office tower, the shopping center and the apartment tower as well as a one-way entrance and exit to the one level parking garage that houses 442 parking spots and technical equipment space.

Green are tops out at 15.5% and faces mainly the main road and acts as a buffer zone to traffic and noise.

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